We are KIRISU DAIRY FARM.300ha of pure farmland. located in the sprawling hills of Phnom Tamao, Takeo province. Every square centimeter of our farm has been designed from the ground up to produce only the very best dairy products that are at par with the best in the world but are proudly made fresh here in Cambodia.We believe that every Cambodian deserves to taste world-class dairy products that are proudly Cambodian-made.
Welcome to Kirisu Dairy Farm.

Fresh Cow Milk

And it all starts with the source of milk.
KRISU FARM imported over 500 heads of 100% Holstein Heifers from Australia. Holstein Heifers are the best breed of cow for milk production and are used by the best farms in the world. Currently, we already have close to 800 cows on our farm.

Having the best cows in the world is not enough, providing them with the right feed is essential to ensure they produce the best milk possible.

And that is why we have dedicated over 200ha of prime field land to grow the best crops sourced from around the world like Maize, Mombasa, and Stylo to name a few.

Our Partners

With long experience in farming and organic food producing, our team of experts proudly offers the best quality products.
Ensuring that we always have the best feed is not easy. Good thing we have world-class experts providing world-class machinery and irrigation system to make sure we have healthy crops whole year round.
At the heart of our farm is our 100% Holstein Heifer cows. And that is why we are using top- of-the-line facilities from monitoring to milking and every step in between. Nothing but
world-class practices are in place, the same or even better found in the best dairy farms in the world.
This is how the top of the line milk processing plant looks like and it’s right here in Cambodia. The best way to produce the freshest purest milk for you.
Here at KIRISU FARM we have made it our mission to give every Cambodian the chance to taste the best dairy products available in the market today.
Proudly farm made, proudly made in Cambodia.


Cambodia’s favorite fresh milk. The only one that comes fresh from 100% Purebred Holstein Heifers. Proudly in Cambodia.

Comes with all the natural goodness of only pure mmadeilk can give you.

No preservatives, nothing added artificially, only pure natural goodness. The way nature intended milk to be.

Available in 2L and 830ml bottles


Having a healthy lifestyle is becoming the norm for most people nowadays that is why we make sure your favorite milk is there to support you 100% of the way.

100% Pure milk goodness, 0% FAT.

*Available in 2L and 830ml bottles


The only pure milk specially made to bring out the magic in any coffee. Whether used at home or for your Cafe, we promise you, you’ll never go back to your old generic milk again.

*Available in 2L bottles

The first full cream milk in Cambodia that comes from 100% PURE MILK.
Full of calcium, vitamins, proteins, and all that is good in milk. PLUS because it comes from 100% PURE MILK, you get more of that 100% PURE MILK FLAVOR you love!
Go ahead drink it straight or try it with your favorite drinks, desserts, and dishes.
KIRISU 100% CREAM MILK brings out the milk goodness in everything!
Try it now and discover the difference of what
100% pure cream milk should taste like!


Proudly farm made from 100% Pure milk.
Proudly made in Cambodia.
Taste the difference of 100% all-natural real yogurts. Variants: Plain, Strawberry,Vanilla, 0% Sugar

*Available in 135g cups

Kirisu Chocolate and Strawberry Milk

The new kid’s favorite drink!

Proudly made in Cambodia
Proudly Farm Made

Comes from 100% PURE MILK
Full of all the natural vitamins & minerals your body needs
Very high Natural Calcium content
RICH, THICK & CREAMY because it’s from the

best natural milk possible in Cambodia.
Guaranteed to make you fall in love with on your first try!

*Available in 830ml bottles.

The biggest dairy facility in Cambodia today with 300HA of pure farmland.

The only one with 100% Pure Holstein Heifers, the best milk-producing cow breed in the world.

The only one with the most advanced milk production facility and world-class experts.

All our dairy products are made right here in Cambodia and not from another country.

Proudly Khmer, proudly world-class.

Kirisu Milk products are the only 100% Pure milk products in the country today.

When you carry any Kirisu products, you will never worry about expired products,

we will be 100% responsible for replacing all expired or expiring products at no cost to the seller.

We are always ready to provide customized sales requirements to any dealer to help you maximize sales.

Contact Our Farm

Tel : +855 (0) 70 981 555
Email : recruitment@kirisufarm.com
Address : #16, St 558, Sangkat Boeung Kak 1, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh